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Click HERE to see my 3d printing products.

If you are looking for the Sacred Heart Sports Photos they are here, click on (lower case shhs, not capitals). For prior years click on the Lacrosse and Soccer button at the top of the page.

Here are some links to different information I have collected

Here are some old photos from my ancestors.

  • Photos from the 1890's through 1910's with many from the Guilford Area, including the Guilford Fair, Town Hall and other historic images. Click for The Old Peck Album
  • These slides look to be from the 1940's. Arthur Yale lived on Yale Avenue in Meriden Connecticut. Some of these pictures might be from other parts of the country and include distant relatives. Click for Uncle Arthur's Slides

The Yearly Memorial Day Picnic at Hop Brook 2006

For gamesystems maps CLICKHERE