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Waterbury Railroad Map Circa 1921

I cut and pasted Sanford Fire Insurance maps from the Library of Congress online collection to map a map of the New Haven Railroad trackage through most of Waterbury including the main yard, and the American Brass Mill.  There are places the tracks don"t match up, but that is the nature of Sanford Maps.  It is still a good representaiton of what was in place.  Most of these tracks are gone now.

I also stiched in an arial photo from 1934 that shows the trackage coming up from Naugautck, aand it includes the Waterbury round house. 

You may notice that the north and south sides of West Main Street don't seem to match up.  A 1934 arial photo he HERE. It seems to show it is pretty close, but the "Mahan Canal" on the map seems to have disappeared. 

The file is REALLY REALLY large.  Right click it and you can save it on your local drive.

Railroad Map Waterbury CT